Having a working fire alarm system is key to saving a business and it's building.

Here at Ben Wood Fire & Security we believe that it is important to have an up to date system that will not only alert you of a fire but will have the sufficient lighting to guide you out of a burning building should the power be cut.

All of our fire alarms and smoke detection systems are fully compliant to the current BAFE regulations as well as suited to your companies individual needs.

As part of the services all your equipment is fully maintained by us and when we feel you are ready for an upgrade we will get you exactly what you need to improve your system to make it as safe as possible.

As every second counts when a problem arises, we only use state of the art equipment that will give warning at the earliest possible point giving you and your property the best chance of survival with the least damage possible.

When the power fails, our team will make sure you're not left in the dark.

Emergency lighting is essential in every building as it guides you out safely in the event of any power loss.

Emergency lighting works using a backup battery; when it detects the mains power line being cut off it will switch the the backup battery giving you up to 3 hours of light. The brightness however is severly reduced in order to conserve battery life in the light.

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